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Hello world!

Oh dear, do we really need another researcher to blog about problems with reproducibility/ replication in biomedical research, Open Science, research culture and so on? Apparently, I think we do. It’s partly because I have a couple of ideas how we can fix the current system and I want them to be out there. I’m not on Twitter (or other social media for that matter), so this is a good way for me to communicate with the world. And since many blogs on these issues are run by established researchers, I’d be keen to contribute some ideas from the point of view of an early career researcher (and no, I don’t like that term very much but it’s what we call researchers who do not lead their own research groups).

So far you can’t comment on my posts because I don’t want to spend too much time on moderating comments. I’m always keen to hear from you though and start a conversation. Just get in touch via email to let me know your thoughts on what I have to say.

Thanks for reading!